Success Stories
United Kingdom

Labeyrie is the leading worldwide food group for premium and trendy food made for sharing. Established in 1946 in the South Ouest of France, Labeyrie is now close to reaching 1 billion Euros turnover and keeps growing at a fast pace.

Pugnax Business Consulting has been requested to find strategic partners in the Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to enable Labeyrie to grow their presence in the Middle East.


Pan N Ice was founded by two student friends who went travelling to Thailand and were mesmerised when they saw ice cream being instantly frozen on cold plates. Since their beginning they have opened in London, Manchester and New York, in places such as Selfridges and Westfield.

Pugnax Business Consulting were hired by a Middle Eastern company to approach the owners of the brand as they had been trying to reach them for a couple of months without success. As soon as we got involved, we were able, in a couple of days, to reach the owners and organise a meeting with one of them to introduce the client's profile and their ideas. Following common interest, we met our target and introduced both owners of Pan N Ice directly to the company that is interested in representing the brand in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


The soul of Teqball is the table: a new and revolutionary sports equipment. There are hopes for Teqball to be introduced at the 2024 Olympic Games.

Pugnax Business Consulting have the exclusive representation rights for the major countries of the Middle East to raise awareness and develop the sport and the brand.

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This company is one of the best private transportation company in France. The company was founded in the 90'. They provide international transport and logistics services in Europe and Asia. They offer logistics management, air transport, sea transport, and road transport services. It has offices in the United States, France, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, India, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.

Pugnax Business Consulting facilitated a joint venture between the French company and one of the most well-known transportation groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia primarily developing transportation between Europe and the Middle East.


CFTE is a Fintech education platform and exclusive professional network. As technology leads an intensive transformation of the financial industry, the Centre for Finance Technology and Entrepreneurship is designing solutions for people and organisations to acquire the right knowledge, skills, and mindset to successfully enter the global Fintech ecosystem.

Pugnax Business Consulting have introduced CFTE to the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority and to the Saudi Fintech association.


L'Eto Caffe is an established chain of high-class cafes and patisseries since 2011. They have now five prime locations in central London.

Pugnax Business Consulting were hired by a Middle Eastern company to approach the owner of the brand and facilitate the exclusive franchise agreements for the State of Qatar, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Kuwait.


Two freehold mixed use buildings fully vacant in Kensington and Chelsea, London.

Pugnax Business Consulting were hired to source and purchase those two buildings at an auction house in London on behalf of the client who was abroad at the time. After the acquisition, we were hired to manage and structure a full refurbishment plan for the client.


In 2014, the Saudi Rugby Federation and their Chairman wanted to go to the next level with their rugby national teams. As the game of Rugby 7 had been reintroduced as an Olympic discipline in 2016 it was the right opportunity to try and get qualified.

Pugnax Business Consulting were hired to find a renowned head coach for the national team to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and get the team ready for future competitions. The coach hired was no less than Mr Chester Williams, a former World Cup Winner with South Africa in 1995 and also the former head coach of the South African 7's team and South African National A 15's team.