Expansion of your Company or Concept to a Foreign Country

When you want to expand, the complexity of successfully entering a new market requires the help of an experienced agent that has an international footprint with numerous strong relationships in the area. It requires a clear understanding of local culture, behaviour, language, and foreign business regulations and practices. We can support you throughout all stages of the market entry process.

Pugnax Business Consulting is dedicated to helping clients gain a better understanding of the opportunities in the Middle Eastern, African and Asian regions. These areas are exciting and lucrative for international businesses, presenting a wealth of new opportunities and great potential for growth. However, in today’s world a very high value is placed on your market connections, and perhaps even more so in the Middle East, Africa and China. Here, pre-established relationships are needed to penetrate markets, and deals are struck at a slower pace than in westernized countries, with business interactions being much more personal.

Pugnax Business Consulting can act as your representative in your target market and undertake a number of activities on your behalf. We have the right resources to help you understand the market and connect with the right people, promote your brand and products, develop communication plans and negotiate international contracts (business partnerships, disposals and acquisitions etc..).